Winner of the 2014 International Van of the Year Award, the Ford Transit Connect is a versatile, economical vehicle with the ability to handle a broad range of needs from family adventures to businesses large and small. Nor-Cal Vans (NCV) now offers the Transit Connect Adaptive Van, an ADA-compliant multipurpose wheelchair accessible vehicle that is ideal for both private and commercial users, such as assisted living homes, school districts, hotels, and taxi services.

Accessibility on Demand

transit connect adaptive van The NCV Transit Connect Adaptive Van features an ADA-compliant lowered floor and an innovative new rear-entry fold flat ramp. The vehicle seats up to five adults and one wheelchair user and has the ability to adapt to accommodate multiple combinations of people and cargo. When the vehicle is not being used for the transportation of a wheelchair user, the ramp (with 800 lb capacity) conveniently stores flat, creating a flat floor surface for easy loading of luggage or cargo.


The Transit Connect's fully redesigned exterior sets it apart from anything on the road. Its efficient, compact size makes it an agile vehicle, able to move in and out of tight spaces. The striking new exterior of the Transit Connect Adaptive Van features convenient dual sliding doors and a rear cargo liftgate that swings up and out of the way for easy access.


The Ford Transit Connect's standard 2.5L Duratec engine produces 25% more horsepower and over 33% more torque than the 2013 Model Year Transit Connect. The Transit Connect has a new six-speed automatic transmission with overdrive geared for around-town cruising responsiveness and low-rpm highway cruising. This engine/transmission combination delivers an MPG rating of 20 mpg city/28 mpg highway, making the Transit Connect with the NCV Adaptive Van conversion a high-value package with low operating costs.


ford transit connect wheelchair van When it comes to safety, the Transit Connect earned a five-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government's highest possible overall rating. This is due in part to its body structure, which is built with light ultra-high strength Boron steel. The Nor-Cal Vans' Transit Connect Adaptive Van conversion is engineered and certified to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and ADA requirements. It is truly "Built Ford Tough."

Driver-Assist Features

interior of ford transit connect Driver-assist features and smart technologies contribute to the functionality and drivability of the Transit Connect. The electric power-assisted steering replaces the traditional hydraulic-assist power-steering pump with an electric motor. This helps save fuel because the motor operates only when assistance is required, unlike hydraulic systems that run continuously. To further increase ease of drivability, the Transit Connect's redesigned instrument panel and cluster feature many high-level components including an optional rear view camera display with guideline and zoom capabilities.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Since the Nor-Cal Vans Transit Connect Adaptive Van conversion meets ADA standards, businesses could save thousands of dollars through Federal tax incentive programs which encourage compliance with the American Disabilities Act. In addition, Ford's Mobility Motoring program offers up to $1,000 reimbursement towards the cost of the Nor-Cal Vans Transit Connect Adaptive Van conversion.


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