Leading the industry by creating unsurpassed sit to stand technology for those with disabilities. Designed by a C6-7 quadriplegic, EasyStand's line of standing frames and equipment has helped to improve the quality of life for kids and adults using wheelchairs worldwide. Active standing provides lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening. Numerous research studies suggest that use of an active standing frame can positively affect an individual's health. Standing Frames are available in pediatric and Adult sizes.

EasyStand Bantam

The Bantam's central positioning controller shifts between sit to stand and supine modes. The "Neutral" setting allows infinite positioning between seated and supine while a manual hydraulic actuator lifts the child to a standing position. No other stander offers so many positioning po...

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EasyStand Evolv

Modular design makes the EasyStand Evolv the most versatile standing frame available. The base unit is functional for many users, however when more support is needed a wide variety of positioning options can be added to accommodate the most involved users. Easystand offers over 60 options and config...

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EasyStand Glider

The EasyStand Glider allows users to move the handles with their arms (or a caregiver can assist) which creates a reciprocal movement in the legs. The full range seat has hinged, break-away sections for each leg that allow full leg extension while standing. This advanced active stander enhances the ...

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